Weight Loss

Many people include weight loss as one of their fitness goals. At Smarty Pants Workout, we help clients focus on Fat Loss – through the development of lean muscle mass turning the body into a fat burning machine!

Through time, we have been conditioned to think of exercise as a means to burn calories and lose weight. Unfortunately, our bodies are pretty efficient machines – and traditional forms of exercise do not provide particularly efficient results. For example, through a 45 minute session on a treadmill – an average person will burn approximately 300 calories. What most people do not recognize is that they would have burned approximately 240 calories spending that same 45 minutes sitting on the couch doing nothing!! Additionally, while an individual will burn an incremental amount of calories during the aerobic exercise, once the exercise has stopped, so has your body’s ability to burn any additional calories.

Muscle makes up of over 40% of total body mass. Muscle – particularly lean muscle mass – consumes the most significant portion of the body’s energy stores – including fat. By increasing lean muscle mass – the objective of Slow Motion High Intensity Training at Smarty Pants Workout – the body’s natural ability to burn calories in an efficient manner is enhanced. A 3 pound increase in lean muscle will allow an average individual to burn in excess of an additional 300 calories per day at rest.

Lean muscle weighs more than fat. While doing Slow Motion High Intensity Training clients replace fat with lean muscle. Since muscle takes up approximately 20% less space than fat, clients become more lean and fit.

For some, fat loss does not result in significant weight loss. Significant weight loss requires management of caloric intake and improved nutrition.

If your fitness and wellness goals include Fat Loss – the Smarty Pants Work-Out can be one of the keys to attaining your objectives.  Call today for an appointment for a free introductory session.

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