At 59 years old I have never felt better or stronger. I started working out at Smarty Pants Workout with Lisa Rankin as my personal trainer about 4 weeks ago. With just 20 minutes a week and some good nutritional guidance, I am in better shape than I have been in years without having to pound it out in some gym or fitness center. I have more energy, feel great every day, and can’t wait to get to my next 20 minute workout. This is truly a SMART way to exercise and I know I can schedule this into my busy schedule with no problem. I’m hooked on Smarty Pants Work-Out! Thank you, Lisa for bringing this to Evergreen, CO.

Linda A. – Evergreen, CO

My work-outs with Lisa at Smarty Pants Work-Out have been fun, fast and effective. Lisa works with me to make sure I am achieving my desired results and has helped me with advice on nutrition as well. I feel stronger and healthier. A great stress-free, sweat-free work-out with minimal time commitment. What more could a person ask for!

Stefani F. – Evergreen, CO

Smarty Pants Workout is fantastic! It’s easy to fit one 20 minute workout into a busy week, and because those workouts are so intense and efficient I’m getting stronger and building muscle tone after just a few workouts. I knew I was getting good results when I went on a hike last weekend (the first in a while) — my legs were noticeably stronger and the hike was easier than I expected, given that I haven’t done any “cardio” workouts in a while. Lisa really knows her stuff and is a great motivator to push you through the workout. Thanks Smarty Pants!

Liz M. – Golden, CO

I’ve worked out on and off throughout my life. Never have I enjoyed group activities or the group environment. My body responds well to weight lifting, muscle training but I’ve always done it with the help of a teacher or trainer so I don’t hurt myself. Smarty Pants workout is the easiest, most challenging workout I’ve ever experienced and my body has responded instantly. The slow pace forces you to be focused and relaxed. I’ve done push ups, pull downs, and sit ups for years without the kind of results I’m seeing in just the first couple of workouts. And I can’t believe how many muscles we work in such a short amount of time. During, immediately after, and for a few days after my workout my body and muscles feel alive, not in pain. Any muscle fatigue I may feel lets me know I’ve been working muscles I’ve been ignoring, and the slight fatigue doesn’t keep me for doing things, it’s just a reminder that I did something. I’ve done squats before, under the guidance of a trainer, and couldn’t walk for two days afterward – who has time for that?! Smarty Pants workout is well worth my drive from Denver. My “commute” is longer than the workout and the time doing both is so satirizing and rewarding. I look forward to each session. Lisa’s vast knowledge, calm demeanor, and passion for this process is so inspiring. I don’t have to “get motivated” to come to my sessions. I’m excited and look forward to seeing Lisa and the equipment each week. I trust her completely; I know that I will never get hurt, over worked, or lose momentum.

Jessica D. – Denver, CO

I am retired and have free access to the local rec center to work out. After my first visit I decided that I needed more than “There are the machines, go for it!” Lisa’s one-on-one slow motion high intensity training has been very rewarding in helping me attain my personal fitness and weight loss goals. I am getting stronger and have less joint pain and more stamina. I am confidently working out – without concerns about getting inured. I am not one for diets, however Lisa’s suggestions on nutrition and eating habits have helped me to slim down without major changes in my lifestyle. I never wanted to be a “Smarty Pants” but now I am committed to Smarty Pants Workout.

Gary A. – Evergreen, CO

I feel amazing, have energy and look forward to my Smarty Pants Workout. I am a mom and work full time, so this workout is perfect for my lifestyle. Lisa has educated me in a way that I have changed my thoughts on fitness and nutrition. I have never cared for gyms or exercising in general but this experience has been life changing for me in the most amazing way. Thank you Lisa for being so fabulous, and most importantly for caring enough to reach out every day just to check on me.

Paige A. – Evergreen, CO

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Dale Eller December 22, 2015 at 2:29 pm

I just wanted to thank you and Phillip for a great experience. I’m hoping I can get back with you again in the future. Have a great Christmas and thanks for the gift.


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