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Smarty Pants Golf Program Utilizes MedX® Equipment to Provide Core Strength and Flexibility – with Unparalleled Results !

If your Smarty Pants are plaid or argyle and mostly seen on the golf course
…. this is the work-out for you!!!

Originally developed in consultation with legendary instructor Butch Harmon – and utilized by PGA tour professionals – our MedX® based program strengthens the core muscles used throughout the golf swing. The strength element of the program is supported by advanced stretching with the specially designed MedX® stretch machine – increasing flexibility to improve overall performance.

Through the Smarty Pants Golf Program, you will get the benefits of the one on one personal training program with an emphasis on flexibility and core rotational torque and strength – all in less than 30 minutes a week!

The subject of a 1997 study – the MedX® golf program produced real results:

With increased flexibility and strength – prepare for a bigger arc and more club head speed – helping you to become the longest hitter in your foursome!

For the best results, the Smarty Pants Golf Program can be combined with the Smarty Pants Work-Out – providing the full body focus and developing overall strength and stamina. Being long on the first tee is important – but having the energy and focus on the 18th is key to going low consistently!

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